Gill Gallagher
Dog Trainer

I am qualified and accredited trainer of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) on the Principles of Dog Training & Behaviour with the OCN following their Code of Ethics and a Dog Training College approved trainer and a Canine Hoopers World instructor. I am also Platinum Member of the Pet Professional Network. As an advocate for gentle and rewarding methods of training I do not use or condone the use electronic collars, prong collars or other pain emitting equipment or the use any force physically or verbally towards dogs. Any other equipment used must not tighten or cause your dog discomfort. I believe that this is essential but the well-being of you & your dog is the basis of everything you do, so also incorporates choice-based training and shared activities that build a strong relationship, connection and two way communication with our dogs.

I have also has completed:

Level 3 Dog Behaviour & Training with Think Dog

The Think Dog practical instructors course

I have also attended the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) Perfect Puppy, Canine Aggression, Loose Leaders, Happy Recallers, Resource Guarding & Impulse Control workshops. Also Scentwork UK and Mantrailing sessions and Reactive Dog workshop with Jordan Shelley & Gav Muldoon.

In 2019 I attended the ClickerExpo Luminos Conference with some of the best American trainers and behaviourists. Ken Ramirez, Dr Susan Friedman,  Dr Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. Grisha Stewart, Lindsay Brown Wood & Emma Parsons.

In January 2023 became a Certified Family Dog Mediator after completing the amazing Kin Brophey's L.E.G.S.® Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation® Professional Course.

Training workshops and courses with some of the worlds best instructors including:

Steve Mann

Craig Ogilvie

Sarah Whitehead

Kamal Fernandez

Dan Shaw

Martin Reid

Narrah Cuddy

Barrie James

Dave Munnings

Lauren Langman

Tom Mitchell

Carrie-Anne Selwyn

Jordan Shelley

Kim Brophey

The School of Canine Science

I will continue to attend workshops, conferences, courses and read many new publications and articles to ensure that I am up date with all new modern and ethical methods.

Puppy & Adolescent one to one training programmes are available online and home visits in Clanfield, Horndean, Waterlooville, Havant, Emsworth, Portsmouth, Southsea, Petersfield, Fareham or within 15 miles of Waterlooville